Learn a Spending Strategy for a Successful Retirement!

The last thing you want is to go back to work after retiring.

You've been saving for decades, but how much should you plan to withdraw each year without depleting your balance? If you can’t answer this question confidently, you aren't alone.

We've encountered countless couples like this – filled with hope for a fruitful retirement and yet grappling with uncertainty. They might come in with a portfolio of a million dollars. “We’re millionaires!” they say. “Surely, we’re set for life—right?” Until we take a closer look, there’s not much we can say except, “Well, that depends...”

What's the right answer for you?

In our experience, the right answer for most retirees is one that leverages your guaranteed income sources, such as pensions and Social Security, and supplements them with a reasonable withdrawal from their retirement nest egg.

Would you like to learn more about retirement spending so you can retire with confidence?

Download a free chapter of Power of 5 Investing and determine the best withdrawal rate for YOU along with strategies for putting it all into action!

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What's You'll Learn In This Free Chapter

  • How much money it really takes to retire
  • How the 5 Percent Rule will lead to a successful retirement
  • How to leverage guaranteed income for your ideal retirement
  • Real examples of the 5 Percent Rule in action!