When does 11 - 6 = 15?

Answer: When you grow your wealth during retirement with Power of 5 Investing.®

Your growth doesn’t stop at retirement.


Your wealth grew despite

experiencing 3 bear markets

in just 10 years.


Does Power of 5 Investing® Work?*

Beginning Value $1,131,746
Net Withdrawals -$613,100
Market Change $960,209
Income $121,917
Fees -$95,624
Ending Value $1,505,148

This growing retirement wealth allows you to not only survive in retirement, but to thrive, enabling you to leave a legacy to the people and places they love.

*Siena Capital LLC, DBA Oxford Financial Partners, is a Registered Investment Advisor. This chart contains real Oxford Financial Partners client data—74 households—who have been continuously taking requitement withdrawals during the time period displayed. Values are provided by the third-party custodians Oxford has used during the time period displayed—National Financial Services, Schwab, and TD Ameritrade. We believe the source of these values to be reliable. The data shown represents past client experiences and does not guarantee future results.

The CLARITY of a written plan designed specifically for you will give you the CONFIDENCE to enjoy your retirement on your terms. Let Oxford Financial Partners be the CATALYST to get things done.